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TUG's Executive Brief

-March 2015-

TUG is Your Gateway to Infor’s Enhancement Request Process

By David White



The new year dawned with Infor putting the finishing touches on a more streamlined, technology-enabled enhancement request process that relies on the TUG portal as a gateway for distribution businesses.


As TUG’s representatives on Infor’s Customer Experience Board since the spring of 2013, Past President Suzanne Minard and I have had a window on the development of the company’s new Enhancement Review System (ERS). Its purpose is to do away with the spreadsheets that all of our Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders have worked so diligently to maintain, just to keep track of the requests members had put forward for different Infor products.


A Universal, Interactive Request System

Through the Customer Experience Board, we learned that the challenges with the previous enhancement process were not limited to distribution: Around the world, and across multiple industries, Infor product managers were constantly trying to manage and balance a continuing flurry of requests, with little transparency for the users whose needs they were striving to meet.

So the Customer Experience Board agreed on an audacious goal: Working with Infor, we set out to create a universal, interactive system for all enhancement requests that would be transparent to all licensed users of Infor products.


It took a lot of time and hard work. But as of February 9, SX.e users have access to a system that:

  • Brings all enhancement requests together on a single platform
  • Creates a space where users can comment on current requests
  • Gives TUG members a one-stop platform to help Infor deliver solid products and enhancements that will help keep our businesses viable for decades to come.


The system is available for SX.e and Infor SyteLine during the initial rollout. It will be extended to all distribution ERPs later this spring.


Volunteering: The More You Give, the More You Get Back

With actively searching for volunteers to serve as committee members and chairs, the saga of the Enhancement Review System has really reinforced my sense that the more you contribute to your user group, the more you get back.


It’s a hard message to swallow when you’re scrambling to fit 10 hours of work into an eight-hour day. But when I look back on my years of involvement with TUG, I know that the professional network I’ve built—with my peers across the industry, and with dozens of key contacts at Infor—is a cornerstone of my ability to work smarter and faster, more globally and more profitably.


Your active participation in TUG gives you the knowledge and exposure to help your company get the most out of its investment in Infor products. And your contact with other volunteers is a constant opportunity to learn what they’re doing in their businesses, giving you ideas that you can bring back to make a difference in your own work.


Watch for an interactive session on Infor’s new Enhancement Review System at TUG Connects! 2015, May 4-7, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Just what are


(Special Interest Groups)


Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are the backbone of TUG and the hub of activity on our year-round member communication portal.


Each SIG has a community page - or newsfeed - where members post questions or discussion topics to get solutions and feedback.


In addition, each SIG has the opportunity to meet face-to-face at both TUG Connects and Inforum. Some SIGs choose to meet by themselves during smaller, more intimate off-site meetings.


So - who can join?

YOU can! The majority of our SIGs are open to all TUG members (There is just one SIG that is invitation only).

Members simply log in to the TUG portal and choose which groups you wish to participate in. It's that simple!


More information about our SIGs


Not a TUG member?

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 SIGs for SX.enterprise users

  • Advanced Inventory Management (AIM)
  • Building Material Distributors (BMUG)
  • Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning (PHAC)
  • Toro / Stihl Distributors
  • Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) users
  • Electrical Distributors (EUG)
  • Assembly and Service

SIGS based on your Infor Distribution Product:

  • A+ users (NAPCG)
  • Enspire users
  • FACTS users
  • SHIMS Wholesalers Association (SWA)
  • SX.enterprise users


Specific SIGs for FACTS users

Manufacturing Representatives

SIGs that are not platform specific:

  • Business Process Automation (All platforms)
  • Finance SIG (All platforms)
  • epaCUBE users (A+ and SX.enterprise users)
  • Storefront users  (All platforms)


From platform based general SIGs to industry specific, function related

there's a SIG for every member:


TUG Webinar Series


Often subjects come up in our online community that just need more in-depth discussion or a visual demonstration. For these, TUG produces both user-led and partner webinars. All of these webinars are open to the public. And starting this year, 2015, TUG is posting these to our TUG Connects YouTube channel.


View the webinars you've missed and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

What is TUG?

TUG provides its members the opportunity to network and share solutions with a community of distributors using Infor Distribution software and relevant add-on applications. An alliance of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with a proven success record of adopted enhancements, provides every member company regardless of size, a voice with Infor. TUG members have numerous networking and educational opportunities through our online community and face to face events, as well as access to a library of presentations from previous conferences. Read More>>

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