TUG's Executive SUMMIT

March 27-28, 2018

TUG's Executive Summit is designed for upper management and C Level Execs and is a segmented, intentionally more intimate event within TUG Connects. Summit attendees will have access to all that TUG Connects offers, including three days of breakouts, roundtables, receptions, general sessions and access to the Distribution Marketplace. In addition, Summit Execs may attend two full days of exclusive breakout and roundtable sessions and networking activities designed solely for them.


The theme of our summit this year is preparing for two major challenges affecting distribution, workforce management and changes in the eCommerce marketplace. And as always, you’ll have valuable one-on-one time with members of Infor’s senior executive team to discuss developments in technology and the ERP landscape. We invite all distribution executives to join us in helping you prepare for your future.


Space is limited. Book early for guaranteed placement.


Tuesday, March 27, 8–10am

Delivering Change

Dr. Janel Anderson – Working Conversations


Customer expectations change. Employee assumptions change. The competition changes. Technology changes. As the adage goes, sometimes the only constant is change. But most people prefer the constant instead of constant change. Why is that the case and what can we do about it? In this session we will tap the field of neuroscience for underlying insights on how to better engage people and foster creativity and innovation during times of change. You will come away with new ideas on how to better lead others through change, whether it is anticipated or unanticipated.


Dr. Janel Anderson, owner of Working Conversations, LLC, is an expert in workplace communication and employee engagement. Janel combines her academic background with many years in the corporate sector to provide engaging, motivating programs that are research-based and realistic and practical.


After starting her career in a start-up company where venture capital investors kept a revolving door on the senior leadership, Janel went to graduate school to better understand what makes for great leadership communication. After completing a PhD in organizational communication at Purdue University, she taught at the college level before returning to corporate America to run a global department for a multinational corporation. Janel is now seen as one of the top emerging motivational keynote speakers for corporate and association markets that want their people to increase their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills and ultimately achieve greater results.


With a doctorate in organizational communication and a coaching certificate, Janel brings research-based techniques to her workshops in a way that is dynamic, fun and easy to follow. Janel’s technical management experience equips her to interact easily in technical settings with everyone from senior executives to individual contributors and her experience coaching and facilitating add practical know-how into all aspects of her work.


Janel lives in Minneapolis with her husband and three children. In her spare time she enjoys reverse engineering recipes from her favorite restaurants in her kitchen at home. Learn more about Janel.



Tuesday, March 27, 1:15–2:15pm

TUG/Infor Executive Forum

Infor President Duncan Angove, Infor SVP Mayumi Hiramatsu, and Infor Executive Team


Join Infor President Duncan Angove, SVP of Cloud Operations Mayumi Hiramatsu, and others from the Infor executive team for an open discussion of current challenges. You’ll hear about Infor’s latest initiatives to improve your customer experience and provide tools to help improve your competitive advantage, and have an opportunity to provide feedback to the people at Infor that can make a difference.



Tuesday, March 27, 2:45–3:45pm

Succeeding Online – Industry Trends

Scott Benfield – Benfield Consulting


Too many distributor executives believe that once their eCommerce software platform is installed, the firm can compete online. Our work and research, however, finds that this is far from true, and that 70% of eCommerce efforts fail to drive sales once the online software platform is complete. The real work begins after the installation.


Scott Benfield will present his research findings and explain why distributors will need to make significant changes to compete online including: Changes in the sales force and sales force structure, changes in brick and mortar, developing an eCommerce culture, organization change management, and the use of alternative distribution models to complement online.


Scott Benfield is a consultant based in Chicago, IL.  He has consulted for manufacturers and distributors in B2B channels since 2001.  He has researched and consulted for B2B firms as their channels and needs have changed. Scott has consulted for Fortune rated companies, global manufacturing firms, and numerous mid-market firms in North America. He is the author of six books, numerous sponsor-based research projects, and has been quoted in Forbes and the Financial Times.

Today, Scott spends much of his time helping firms adapt to the digitization of their markets and broad-scope changes required to secure a digital future.  In 2017, Scott formed an association of consultants (Digital Channel Advisors) to help distributors and manufacturers address the changes needed to compete digitally.

Learn more about  Scott and Digital Channel Advisors.



Tuesday, March 27, 4–5pm

Online & eCommerce Strategy and Execution

Ben Rudnick – Fun Hat Group


Are you shouting from mountaintops about your eCommerce Success? Online presence is often our first face to new customers.


Are you successful with:

• eCommerce Sales – Conversion, Adoption, Order Size

• Customer Self Service – Account Management, Payments

• Lead Generation – Market Facing, SEO, eMail (targeting)


Top Organization Changes for Online Success

Best Practices for team organization

Finding the right local resources

Measure Online Success

Web Funnel model & methods for making measurable improvements


Brick and Mortar Considerations – is it going away?

Communication is changing. Fulfilment is changing. Customer Expectation is changing.

Distribution will remain a place for personal customer experience, but the expectations for that experience is shifting.


Does your customer sales counter experience align with the web experience? Are they supporting each other? How retail relationship spaces can deepen your connection with your customer in concert with online relationship management.


What are the trends we see from the trendsetters: Grainger, Walmart, Amazon, …


Competing in an Amazon World

This year, people who are under 30 years old know nothing of a world without Amazon.com – without Yahoo & Google. In 10 years they will be 40 and exist with Amazon expectations.


What are the key components of a top Amazon-like experience?


Is Amazon a B2C Opportunity?
B2C, Microsites, Amazon Stores, Marketplaces & More


Executives and Technologists call on Ben Rudnick for innovation realized. With a hands on, inside, and under-the-hood perspective on what works and why + a style that presents the critical clearly. As both an Executive Strategy Consultant and a Hand-On Technical contributor, Ben understands the different needs within an organizational team.




Wednesday, March 28, 8–10am

Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Millennials – The Great Management Challenge

Nancye M. Combs, AEP•SPHR – HR Enterprises Inc.


Some executives have shared their secret belief that millennials are from another planet, and while we have no proof of this, there is a real challenge in bridging the generation gap. And if there is anyone of this planet that can help you understand what makes them tick, it is Nancye Combs. In this session she will help you understand the needs, expectations, behaviors and work ethics of the next source of human capital for your business, and provide insights into how to successfully find, hire and retain them and make them productive in your company.


Nancye M. Combs, is a Senior Certified Executive in Human Resources and 30-year business owner.  She is authoritative and entertaining.  Her colleagues call her a “walking, talking, HR genius who has no peer.”  Clients call her “a priceless resource.”  Her more than 35 years of experience attracting, managing and retaining employees will be evident in every minute of her presentation.


Her disarming style encourages you to be an active participant and keeps this vital learning session lively.  Nancye makes complicated subjects easy to understand.  She serves 700 clients on four continents and gives the same quality service to her clients with five employees as she does to those with 50,000. When you leave her program, you will also have information that improves your understanding of this subject and working tools to implement what you have learned.


Nancye is the retained consultant for the 1,400 members of Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA), and works extensively with distributors and manufacturers worldwide.  The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) retained her services for its 1,600 members, the Foodservice Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers (FISA) retained her to advise their members.  In 2013, she was retained to advise the members of NAHAD – The National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors.  In 2014, OPEESA – the Outdoor Power Equipment and Engine Service Distributors Association engaged her to advise their members.  Dozens of companies credit her for their growth and success.  Many turn to her when they face extremely serious human resources, management, and organizational issues.  Her ability to maintain the trust and confidence of CEOs and senior executives have earned her a place in the C-Suites and Board Room.

Learn more about Nancye Combs








Exclusive EXeCUTIve Summit Sessions

“It’s extremely important for CEOs to have a peer group they can talk to in an intimate, honest way. A retreat can be an ideal location for such candid conversations.”


Harvard Business School Professor,

Bill George


Forbes, May 2008

  • Full conference registration for TUG Connects, including access to over 200 distribution sessions, the Distribution Marketplace, two Happy Hours and one evening dinner reception
  • Access to exclusive Executive Summit Sessions on Tuesday, March 27th and Wednesday morning, March 28th.
  • Private Executive Summit Lunches with the General Session Keynote(s).
  • Choice of activities for Wednesday afternoon (golf, spa, tour, additional activities TBA)
  • Private roundtrip airport ground transportation in Phoenix for up to four people arriving on the same flight
  • Three nights (room & tax) at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in a preferred view room.

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