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TUG is an independent non-profit association of Infor Distribution product users

TUG Connects 2017

February 22-25 | Marriott Orlando World Center


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Inventory Management stars, expert keynotes, hands-on product demonstrations, hundreds of technical and strategical sessions on every nuance of a distributor's life, and a distribution marketplace along with a star-packed Executive Summit —whatever your specific business role, Infor Distribution product users will find themselves at TUG Connects.


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TUG's SIGs meet at least once and up to four times a year, depending on each SIG's goals and objectives.

SIG Meetings

Special Interest Groups are the backbone of TUG's structure, providing members with a common network of interest  or industry-related users. They can be as broad as SX.enterprise users or as specific as Manufacturing Reps using FACTS software.


TUG's Special Interest Groups meet at least once and up to four times per year, depending on each SIG's goals and objectives. TUG provides financial and administrative support for these meetings.


For current information about TUG's Special Interest Groups:

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From time to time, conversations in TUG's online portal community require more in-depth discussion. TUG also offers online platforms for our partners to highlight services TUG members are already using.


Upcoming webinars can be found here.


All of our webinars are recorded and posted to TUG's YouTube Channel. Find them here. 1147 South Salisbury Boulevard Suite 8-162 Salisbury, Maryland 2180 Tel: (410) 543-2158                                                                                          © All Rights Reserved